Captain America – Uncommon Valor – Yor: Hunter from the Future

Reb has starred and co-starred in twenty-two movies opposite such screen luminaries as Gene Hackman, George C. Scott,, John Lithgow, James Coburn, Christopher Lee, as well as thirty-two Guest-Starring roles in a variety of Television shows. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Reb excelled in  Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball. His Father was a Police Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department and his Mother was a homemaker.

Upon graduating from High School, Reb was recruited by sixty-four universities to play college football; as well as, UC Santa Barbara for baseball.  He accepted a football scholarship to University of Southern California (USC).  After obtaining a Bachelors Degree, Reb’s destiny took a surprisingly different path.

 A top Hollywood agent spotted and signed him to a contract at Universal Studios. The young, baby faced, blue-eyed athlete found himself as an actor in the movie business.  His appearance and physique was perfect to play the title role of Captain America in a new television series. Brown does not regret playing professional sports.  He loves the acting profession.  He says with a twinkle in his eyes, ” Besides, I would not have met my wife, Cisse !”

In 1978, Reb made a Guest Appearance on a CBS/Paramount series, The Ted Knight Show, he met his wife, Cisse Cameron.  Cisse was a series regular.  Since Reb does not believe in mincing words, he walked up to Cisse and said, “You don’t know it yet, but I am going to marry you.”   They married a year later, September 8, 1979, and are still happily married.