Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

1. Defined Terms

The following are the terms and conditions for becoming a vendor and exhibiting at the 2022 Hall of Heroes Comic Con. The term “Event” means Hall of Heroes Comic Con, currently scheduled for March 5-6, 2022 (“Event Dates”) at the Northern Indiana Event Center in Elkhart, Indiana (“Exhibit Facility”). The Event is produced and managed by the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum (“HoH”). As used hereinafter, the term “Organizer” means, collectively, HoH and each of its/their respective officers, directors, agents, affiliates come on representatives, employees and assignees unless the to contacts requires otherwise. The term “Exhibitor” means, collectively the company, and any other business entity, or person that applied for exhibit space rental and agreed to enter into this contract upon acceptance by HoH in the manner representatives, and/or invitees, as applicable.

2. Contract Acceptance

This contract shall become binding and effective only one has been signed by the Exhibitor.

3. Assumption of Risks; Releases

Exhibitor expressly assumes all risks associated with (resulting from or arising in connection with) exhibitor’s participation or presence at the Event, including, without limitation , all risks of theft, loss, harm, and damage or injury to the person (including death), property, business or profits of Exhibitor, whether caused by negligence, intentional act, accident, act of God or otherwise. Exhibitor has sole responsibility for its property or any theft, damage or other such loss to such property. Neither Organizer nor the Exhibit Facility accepts responsibility, nor is a bailment created, for property delivered by or to Exhibitor. Neither Organizer nor the Exhibit Facility shall be liable for, and Exhibitor hereby fully and forever release and discharge the Organizer and the Exhibit Facility, individually and collectively, representative and attorneys, and predecessors, assignees and successors of each of them, from all claims, actions, causes of action, cross-claims, obligations, contracts, indemnities, contributions, suits, debts, sums, accounts, controversies, rights, damages, costs, attorney’s fees, losses, expenses and liabilities whatsoever, in law, equity or otherwise (collectively “Claims”) which either may now have or have had or which may hereafter accrue, individually, collectively or otherwise in connection with, relating to or arising out of Exhibitor’s participation and/or presence in the Event. Exhibitor acknowledges that there is a possibility that subsequent to the execution of contract, it will discover facts or incur or suffer claims that were unknown or unsuspected at the time contract was executed, and which if known by it at the time may have materially affected its decision to execute contract. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that by reason of contract and it is assuming any risk of such unknown facts and such unknown and unsuspected claims.