Times and Location
  • Youth Cosplay Contest (Ages 0-14)
    Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 2:00pm
    Check in at the announced meeting location at 1:45pm
  • Adult/Group Cosplay Contest (Ages 15+)
    Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 3:00pm
    Check in at the announced meeting location at 2:45pm

By entering the Hall of Heroes Comic Con (HoHCC) Cosplay Contest, I give permission to HoHCC and its designees to photograph and/or video record my costume and performance and to use these photographs and videos as the convention sees fit. I also attest that I am eligible to compete as per the HoHCC Cosplay Contest rules and that all information on the entry form is true and correct.

Participants in the Youth Cosplay Contest must have a legal guardian present to participate.

  1. All participants must be a paid attendees of the Hall of Heroes Comic Con.

  2. All costumes must conform to convention, jurisdiction, and state guidelines for public decency. Shoes are required.

  3. Profanity and obscene and/or lewd gestures are not allowed.

  4. Costumes and presentation shall not be used as a political, religious, etc. statement.

  5. Participants must register prior to the event participate. No walk ups will be accepted.

  6. HoHCC and its respective judges reserves the right to have the final word on all decisions.

  1. Costumes from both Japanese and western media are allowed. This includes anime, manga, video games, comic books or film adaptations, and etc. Costumes outside these categories require pre-approval.

  2. Costumes larger than a standard door frame require pre-approval.

  3. Only one entry allowed per person.

  4. Participation includes going before judges as well as walking across the stage during the event.

  5. Participants cannot compete wearing a cosplay they previously competed with at past HoHCC events.

  6. Do not wear or use anything that will damage, destroy, or ruin the costume(s) of other attendants or the hotel space.

  7. Costumes must be self-contained. No connections to electricity, water, amps, projection, PA’s, etc. will be provided nor available.

  8. Contestants are encouraged to notify HoHCC if their costume has restricted movement, vision, or is otherwise bulky so we can best accommodate you.

  9. Contestants are encouraged to inform HoHCC if they themselves have any physical or visual impairments that would require accommodations for walking on stage.

  10. Costume weapons must comply with our Weapons Policy.