Cosplay Contest Rules & Regulations

The Hall of Heroes Comic Con Cosplay Contests will take place on Sunday, March 3rd. Please be sure to read through all the rules listed below. All rules will be enforced by the judges before, during and after the event. Hall of Heroes Comic Con reserves the right to refuse entry/participation in the Contest at any time for any reason without appeal.

These policies are subject to change.

  • All Adult Cosplay Contest participants must be at least 13 years of age. Anyone under 13 are welcome to enter the kid’s contest.
  • All contest participants must have a Hall of Heroes Comic Con badge good for Sunday, March 3rd or a two day pass. Approved badge cannot be a complimentary or discounted badge. Dealers, panelists, volunteer, press, invited cosplay groups and special guests are ineligible.
  • All participants must follow all Hall of Heroes Comic Con policies pertaining to props and costumes. This is to keep a safe and positive environment at Hall of Heroes. Please Note: We expect all attendees to behave accordingly with these policies. Any misuse of props or behavior that could cause harm to yourself, other attendees, or staff will not be tolerated. Hall of Heroes staff reserves the right to revoke Prop or Cosplay privileges at any time, or dismiss attendee without refund.


  1. All cosplays must cover all parts of the average one-piece swimsuit. Discretion is dictated by the cosplay contest judges and Hall of Heroes Staff.
  2. Undergarments are required especially if you are wearing something form fitting such as a bodysuit. (Please make sure contours of sensitive areas are covered.) This can include wearing a dance belt underneath form fitting costumes.
  3. Nudity is forbidden and so are cosplays that try to replicate nudity.
  4. Please consider using some form of body tape to hold cosplays together/cover sensitive areas.
  5. Body Paint and other forms of makeup (including glitter, powder, fake blood etc.) must be dried and/or sealed. We don't want others costumes getting ruined and want an easy clean up for staff.
  6. Costumes that contain elements that could harm others around you will be subject to disqualification. This includes costumes with sharp edges or costumes that require too large/heavy props.
  7. Cosplayers must be wearing feet coverings at all times. Bare feet are a health hazard, and will not be tolerated.
  8. Cosplayers must not wear costumes that intertwine with other attendees. Costumes must remain separate for safety precautions.
  9. Cosplays containing disrespectful imagery and verbiage is prohibited. Any cosplay containing said verbiage will be disqualified.
  10. The use of skateboards, Heelies, skates, rollerblades etc. is not allowed inside the convention hall.


  1. No live steel props or weapons (Specifically those with sharp edges) are permitted on the con floor. Any live steel prop or weapon must be peace-tied.
  2. All weapons/ props must be checked and approved by Hall of Heroes Convention team.
  3. Props that may cause injury are forbidden in the convention. This includes props that may cut, trip, or harm other attendees.
  4. All realistic and plastic gun like weapons must have an orange tip.
  5. Please keep props under 6-8 feet in length.
  6. Bows must be un-strung.
  7. The safety of any Cosplay or prop will be deemed safe or unsafe by Hall Of Heroes Comic Con Staff. Their decision is final without appeal.


  1. Participants must keep the size of their costume in mind while moving through the con/contest. It is highly recommended that participants choose a costume that can fit through an average doorway/hallway.
  2. All cosplays must be at least 50% handmade. Handmade counts as anything where you used raw materials to complete an item for your cosplay. Heavily altering or modifying, Kit-Bashing, and 3D printing are included in this classification.
  3. Models are allowed to enter, however the maker of the cosplay must be present for pre-judging, and the maker must be notated in the application.
  4. Participants will be allowed one handler through the contest if needed. Only cosplay contest participants and approved handlers will be allowed into the Green Room. Each cosplayer participating in the contest will have a time slot to enter the Green Room for pre-judging.
  5. There will be strict rules for contestants to be mindful on stage. This includes no running, jumping, flips etc. Any presentation that does not meet this will be disqualified.
  6. Nothing classified as a projectile or explosive is permitted during the cosplay contest. This includes any glitter, confetti, pyrotechnics, live flames, fireworks, any projectiles, or smoke generators of any kind are permitted. If your prop shoots anything, it is not allowed to be shot at any time during the event.
  7. Contestants are not allowed to bring/use anything that could cause a mess or be hazardous to other contestants/attendees. This includes giving things into the audience like t-shirts, food (including candy), other merchandise, etc.
  8. Any props brought onstage must leave the stage with contestant within their allotted time. Any contestant that leaves props on stage will be disqualified without appeal.
  9. Hall Of Heroes Comic Con has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying or harassing other attendees and contestants during the convention or contest. Anyone found doing so will be immediately disqualified and their admission will be revoked.

Cosplay Contest Instructions

  1. Each person attending the show will be allowed to enter one (1) costume into one (1) category of the contest. If you enter a costume into the group contest, you cannot enter that same costume in other categories. You may not enter a costume that you have entered at a previous year’s Hall of Heroes Comic Con.
  2. Pre-judging will take place Sunday, March 3rd. Time and location will be emailed out to all that pre registered and this information will be posted at the con.
  3. At Pre-Judging, we will have a small application for you to fill out. Please include any reference photos or build book with your application during pre-judging. When signing up you will be asked for your real name, the character you are cosplaying, a phonetic spelling of that character, contact information including street address and email, and the series in which the character is represented.
  4. Contestants may model a costume made by someone else. The original creator of said costume must be present during the entire judging process. Any prizes awarded to entrant cosplay will be given to the creator of the cosplay to do with as they wish.
  5. Once your pre-judging is completed, you will be given a lanyard with a number on it. This is the number assigned to you or your group for the cosplay contest. Before the contest begins, you will be asked to line up according to your number.
  6. Each group counts as one participant in the group competition. Groups need to be centered around a specific theme (Marvel, Jujutsu Kaizen, DC, Star Wars, Hazbin Hotel, League of Legends, etc.)
  7. Group entries must be made by multiple members of the group. Every group member must be present for pre-judging in complete cosplay. If a member is unable to attend for pre-judging, they will be ineligible for the group contest.
  8. All judges’ decisions involving the cosplay contest are final without appeal.