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Become a sponsor of the 2024 Hall of Heroes Comic Con

Our research shows we are reaching the demographic that wants to explore what cool things are out there. Backed by over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, the organizers of the Hall of Heroes Comic Con are not just experts at organizing and promoting big events like a comic con or tradeshow but communicating your organization’s message to new customers. Combine that with a lifelong love of comics and pop culture, and an understanding of social media and multi-media advertising and you are talking some serious super promotion power!

We will be bringing to Elkhart famous comic book and cartoon artists, writers, movie and television celebrities and so much more more from March 23rd – 24th, 2024 at the Hall of Heroes Comic Con. Comic Cons take place in various large cities throughout the country such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Indianapolis.

Cons are widely attended and bring thousands of fans from outlying cities and states to attend these fun and exciting events. With Elkhart being the home of the only comic book and superhero museum in the country, our comic con has become a beacon for fans and connoisseurs of comic and pop culture.

There is no better time to introduce or reinvigorate your brand to a whole new audience – let Indiana’s fastest growing comic con be that gateway to a new world! The Hall of Heroes Comic Con IS that opportunity you have been looking for!

Comic book culture is THE largest aspect of today’s pop entertainment – and it is everywhere! From billion-dollar movies to top rated TV shows, comics are now part of our everyday lives. This is the FUTURE of entertainment and the Hall of Heroes Comic Con is your chance to be part of this ever-growing phenomenon! We are offering an exciting event that will be fueled by the energy from our, anticipated, 6000 attendees, exhibitors and guests inside the newly renovated Northern Indiana Events Center. Let our attendees know your company helped make it all possible!

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Low cost exposure to the public
  • Networking with other companies and organizations
  • Exposure at the event to a very highly populated area

We have several sponsorship opportunities available. Details of each level are below:

  Logo On
Sponsor Level (Available) Cost Program Ad Shirts Tickets Celeb Banner Digital Signage Con Shirt Con Poster Website Con Banner
Vibranium (1) $10000 Logo on Cover/Full 20 20 WE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Platinum (2) $5000 Full 10 10 WE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gold (4) $3000 Half 5 5 SD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Celebrity (7) $3000-$5000 Full 5 5 SD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stage (0) SOLD Half 5 5 SD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silver (5) $2000 Half 2 4 SD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bronze (4) $1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Banner (6) $500 Yes Yes

As a sponsor of this fantastic event, you will be included in event advertisements such as programs that will go out to all attendees, T-shirts, banners and other promotional items. We also have major sponsorships available for guest appearances and events. If you would like to be a sponsor at one of these levels, or if you can help with any amount, please contact Allen Stewart directly at 574-370-0984 or by email at hohcomicccon@gmail.com. Allen can help you with any questions you may have or provide you with further details. All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

We can electronically invoice your sponsorship payment or you can submit a check made out to “Hall of Heroes Comic Con” and mailed to:

Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum
ATTN: HoH Comic Con
1915 Cassopolis Street
Elkhart, Indiana 46514