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Get your Cosplay Group Involved

  • Groups who can appeal to a family friendly crowd
  • Offer informative workshops/panels on cosplay related topics/skills
  • Professional displays and wonderfully crafted costumes
  • We prefer guests who live within a reasonable driving distance of our convention. We love local/regional cosplayers.
  • Works well with our staff, other cosplay guests and judges, and of course our attendees
  • Reliable, punctual, good communication with our staff
  • 1 or 2 cosplay focused panels throughout the weekend
  • Promote your appearance before the convention on your social media channels
  • Be present both days of the convention
  • Free passes for up to 10 individuals in your group
  • A booth in our Cosplay Central area
Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, we bring in around 10 groups each year.

No, you will need to bring your own assistants/handlers and have your own transportation. Handlers will need to utilize one or more of the included passes.

Depending on the need, what is available, or content you have available we certainly can entertain other types of panels or events.

You can operate your booth as a guest signing/meet and greet table or you can operate your booth as a vendor/artist and sell products. We do not take any percentage of your sales.

Yes. Anything you can do to make your application stand out is great!

No, if your application successfully went through, then we have your information on file and will reach out to you if we are interested in speaking with you.

No, as this could potentially be a conflict of interest.

6-8 months in advance. Unless there is an unexpected cancellation, we do not book guests 1-2 months out. At that point we will consider other applications we have already received first.

No, there is no specific length of time you have had to have been cosplaying. However, length of experience can be a positive factor.

No, you do not have to have been a guest previously for us to consider you.

18 is the minimum age for consideration. However, we prefer that our guests be 21 or older.

No! We look for craftsmanship quality, reliability, and engaging personalities.

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