• Agnizab Collectibles

    Booth: 405

  • Alan Fore Fan Art

    Booth: 303

    #FanArt inspired by #StarTrek, #StarWars, #DoctorWho, #DC, the #MCU and other fun stuff. Originals and prints available by DM and on my Etsy store.

  • All That Stuff

    Booth: 511

  • Angela Harris

    Booth: AA4

    I've been creating since I could remember. I enjoy working in multiple mediums such as graphite and pencil, watercolor paint, digital 2D art, digital 3D sculpting, 3D modeling.

  • Bri and Bri

    Booth: 510

  • BYO Lightsaber

    Booth: 504

  • Centreville Ghostbusters

    Booth: CC01

    Here to be a part of the community and have fun doing it! Who you gonna call?

  • Chibi Dreams

    Booth: 505

    This page is for me to share with all of you the crafts and other projects that I enjoy creating. I may include tutorials or custom items as well.

  • Crooked Nose Arts

    Booth: AA8

  • Crypts Collections

    Booth: AA10

  • Dan the Crayon Man

    Booth: AA2

  • Dead-Arts

    Booth: AA15

    Just a place for an artist to post art.
  • Far-Flung Press

    Booth: AA13

    A purveyor of far-flung tales, I enjoy transporting readers to distant worlds and fantastical settings, which just might hold a touch of magic.

  • Fiberglass Freaks

    Booth: CC07

    Fiberglass Freaks builds licensed full-scale, drive-able 1966 Batmobile replicas.

  • Forgotten Treasures

    Booth: 307

    Vintage & Modern Fashion Collectibles Cosplay Shop & Stories

  • FYC Comics

    Booth: 207

    We are a small and growing website with a focus on getting you the comics you want, shipped with a focus on quality, and hopefully all at a price you can be happy with.

  • Game Replica

    Booth: 301

    Replica swords and weapons.

  • Geeky Goodies Gourmet Marshmallows

    Booth: 610

    Neurodivergent Daughter & Nerd Mom. We started our own business making Geeky Marshmallows & Goodies.

  • Grand Rapids Comic Con

    Booth: 609

    Comic Con based out of Grand Rapids, MI.

  • H&H Coffee Co

    Booth: Outdoor Food Vendor
  • Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

    Booth: 402

    It's history. Just way more super. Welcome to the world's only superhero and comic museum.

  • HZ Customs

    Booth: 305

    Creator of Artisan Dice and other handmade items.

  • Jean Davis

    Booth: AA5

    Jean Davis writes an array of speculative fiction, including short stories, a space opera series, stand-alone novels and a children's picture book about her chickens.

  • Kevin Meinert

    Booth: 104

  • Leah Fish

    Booth: AA16

  • Lotz By Dotz LLC

    Booth: AA14

    Hand made items including crochet, jewelry, and some scrap booking. Pillows and deep pocketed Sheets.

  • m.fehren

    Booth: AA19

    Digital artist selling prints, stickers and key chains. My art consists of fan art of anime and video games. I also make original illustrations.
  • Maikuuro Art

    Booth: AA9

    Mai is an illustrator working on her college degree with a major in Graphic Design. She has a passion for character design and is operating her business from the Lake Geneva, WI area.

  • Mdrndayhippy

    Booth: 302

    Seller of licensed signed and collectible Funko Pops

  • MissChibiArtist

    Booth: 204

    Hi! I'm Maria, an artist and lover of all things fantasy and whimsical.
  • My Wife Is Going to Kill Me

    Booth: 507

    Collectibles store.

  • Nani Entertainment

    Booth: 109

  • Nerd Chapel/Reel Leadership

    Booth: AA17

    The Nerd Chapel is committed bridge between the Church and nerd culture. Christian resources for nerds by nerds.

  • Patz Fan Art

    Booth: AA7

  • Phabulous Phoenix Rolling Diner

    Booth: Outdoor Food Vendor

    Smash burgers fries and our EVER POPULAR PHLAMING PHOENIX chicken sandwich !! And much more!

  • Professor Butterbeer

    Booth: Outdoor Food Vendor

    Pop-up Food Vendor from South Bend🍻Special cream soda blend with a delicious butterscotch topping

  • SNL Comics

    Booth: 209

  • Starship Cat

    Booth: 314

    The Starship Cat is a science fiction and fantasy merchant based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We sell t-shirts and costuming supplies, books, toys and collectibles, as well as Japanese and American snacks.

  • Stuffed With Character

    Booth: AA11

    Handmade soft figures based on your favorite fandom characters
  • Submerge Universe

    Booth: 606

    From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.
  • Super Penguin Books

    Booth: AA1

    Super Penguin is a super hero story written by Rob Witzel! More info at SuperPenguinBook.com

  • Tales Unlimited

    Booth: AA6

  • Tardy’s Collectors Corner

    Booth: 107

    We’ve been in the comics and collectibles business for over since 1979. Come check out our ever-changing stock of comics, action figures, statues, posters, prints, original artwork, and other memorabilia. If you’re looking for something new, we’re always happy to make a reading recommendation.

  • Terry Huddleston Art

    Booth: 309

  • Tom’s Vintage Toys

    Booth: 114

    We sell comic books, toys, records, action figures and other cool stuff!

  • Victsune

    Booth: 611

    Victsune offers a wide variety of original art, which is made into stickers, bags, and apparel. We're constantly looking to expand the ways you can enjoy your favorite designs so be sure to follow for new items!

  • Voodoo Elixirs/Root Jack

    Booth: 605

    With over a year in development, Voodoo Elixirs' first product, RootJack: Pirate Energy Drink, was release in August 2009. Since then we have released 2 companion products. SteamJack: Drink of Airship Pirates, and WarpJack: Space Pirate Energy Drink.