Any use of the HoHCC logo on printed or digital materials must be approved by our Marketing Team prior to being utilized, printed, or promoted. You can email a proof or sample of what you are including the logo on and the team will respond with approval in a timely manner.

Downloadable Logo Assets

Two Color (Black Text) – Print | Screen
Two Color (White Text) – Print | Screen
One Color (White) – Print | Screen
One Color (Black) – Print | Screen

General Rules for Logo Assets

Main Colors


HEX: #cb002b


HEX: #ffffff


HEX: #000000


  • Use black as the default on light backgrounds, and white on dark backgrounds.
  • Always have a good amount of clearance around the logo.


  • Alter, add, distort, cut off, redraw, or change into an outline.
  • Add embellishments, such as glows, drop shadows, gradients, textures, patterns, or images intentionally added into the knockout.
  • Rotate, tilt, or use it vertically.

Use of HoHCC Event Name

Our event name should be written out as Hall of Heroes Comic Con in the first mention and abbreviated to HoHCC after that. There is always a space between Comic and Con. Any other spellings or abbreviations of our event name are incorrect.